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Rock Wall of Testimony
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Got a Testimony you want to share with others? Email them to johncatherine1@msn.com we would like the opportunity to post them on the "Rock Wall of Testimony", Give God the Glory for all He is doing in each others life!

We have been blessed from everything God has done! From The kids getting to go to camp, George has gone the longest this year with his heart not needing operations, our mircle granddaughter conceived on the week Cassie said "if it doesn't happen we are emotionally drained and we are going to stop for awhile",but by friday of the same week Cassie had a baby girl growing in the womb! Then, our daughter Lacie and Ryan in the next few day will have adopted 2 children that they have had for years. Lacie and Ryan are white and my grandbabies are native! This is all God because it doesn't happen often! Then my cancer: From being told in the pre-operation stages that surgery would be needed, a month of prep. Then the pre-op images still showed a need, then on the 4th day GONE.... new pictures and no cancer. Havign a doctor tell you that you just saw a miracle is pretty awesome! God has been good to our family!


My cousin, Kathy, is up and walking and talking and some of the test results are back and are good. If she gets more good news this afternoon, she may get to go home tomorrow. What an awesome change since 2 days ago!! Thank you Jesus and thanks to everyone who has been praying for her.

Some good news, Luke was snoring today which means that air is getting by the tube in his throat so the swelling is going down Praise the Lord!

Steve and Christine

Veronica... Misty's mom- has been released and is doing much better!

Catherine had a great opportunity to reach into women in Laurel today from many different churches - and it really was a blessing!

Our Kids went to the state derby and did great! We had a lot of helpers and 18 kids! (16 of the top 25 cars were from Laurel and we had a lot of medals again)!

Greetings my church family! I have asked several of you to be praying for Roger's job status, and i want to thank you all for caring and praying for him. We need to be lifting each other up in prayer every day. It is important to help our brothers and sisters in the everyday battle! Prayer is so powerful! I just want to praise and thank God for blessing Roger with a better job and removing him from his "hazardous"  job!!! Not only is he at a place that is better in some sense for his health but i may not need to look for a summer job which will be another answer to prayer because i really need the summer off to get organized at home, that's another story HAHA! Sometimes i feel like a little brat because not only does God provide my needs he blesses me with my wants, HE is so faithful to me, HE said he would be the father to the fatherless, and take care of you if you are faithful to Him! God works in my life everyday, EVERDAY, big or small, He is working, it may not seem to be what i want until He shows me why.  I just wanted to give Him the Glory for EVERY move He makes in my life. I also want to thank Him for my son Izrael today! Three years ago today He loaned me the best thing in this world!!!  Every time i think about Izrael's bday i just thank God. Sometimes we can be so ungrateful and God just keeps on blessing us. Love each other, pray for eachother.

Your Sister in Christ,


In my darkest moments when I was physically unable to go on and thought that my life may end, God brought his angels round about and stood against the enemy that at each time tried to destroy me he was stopped in miraculous ways broken weapons, confusion, and so many ways that he put people their to save me. I only now begin to know the way the Lord protected an continues to stand with my son and I in this most difficult time. My family at Family Christian Center came in to destruction and made our home safe and whole again. Words can't express the gratitude we feel it is unspeakable the love that was poured out over us I am healing and only by the grace of God am I able to even express this. Thank you everyone for your acts of love and the prayers that continue to go up on our behalf although the process of healing is slow and sometimes seems to hard one of my sistrs will call or email just a note of hope. Thank you all Pastor and Katheryn thanks no words are enough to say how you have blessed us and held us up when we couldn't stand. Praise to God in all things.

Colleen and little Keith

We started out with forecasts of snow and storms. 60% chance on Sunday. It was nice all day and the rest of the way it has been high clouds and sunny with clear roads. We had wind, but no trouble with it. God will not give us more than we can handle.

He is good.


A while back, we asked everyone to pray for Nancy's mother, (Donna from Wisconsin), who was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Within a few weeks after the diagnosis, her bladder quit working.  We prayed to have God lead us to do whatever was needed to do to assist with any recovery efforts to fight this cancer within her body. 
After researching via the internet, we sent her Graviola supplements, which she started to take immediately.  She had also been told that she had numerous cancer cysts in her abdomen and one cancerous spot on one of her lungs.  We have been praying for God to intervene in the middle of this mess and He did.  After a couple months, she also took some Chemo treatments to fight this cancer.
God touched her body and her bladder started to work again, and at her last visit to the specialist, she was told the cancer was gone completely from her bladder, from the lung, and as far as they could tell, the cysts are not cancerous.

Dale & Nancy

God blessed Christine and I with children after 10 years of prayer and doctors saying it could not happen.

God saved Thomas from death at birth by cutting of a man's thumbs so the O.R. staff would be called in before the birth became a crash c-section. He would have brain damage after 15 minutes, death at 30 and the staff on call would take 45 to get there. That man's accident called them in an hour before Tommy lost all vitals.

He did similar with Matthew both by reversing a miscarriage (!!!) and keeping him healthy through the emergency c-section later at birth.

He healed (is healing?) Elise's feet so she could walk.

Todd and Christine

We always have praises for our health[it could be worse] but what I'm letting you know is a small thing, because we tend to overlook the small things to often. Over a year ago we bought a pick-up, a few months ago we found out we had the wrong title. The guy had to come and apply for a duplicate title so we could get the right one. That took 2 months to get back, when it came the guy didn't like the way his name was spelled so he scribbled it out and then wrote in his name. Now, I know you can't deface a title, you have to start all over again. However, Louis prayed over the title on the way to the courthouse, when we got there the gal said,"no problem, I'll just okay it and send this paper along with it." All done. Praise God and the power of prayer!!!


My Dear Friend, Where shall I began to tell you how many times the Lord has blessed me. I guess it would start with Him giving me a wonderful man as a husband. Then four beautiful children, our 15 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
Most of all being my Savior.

My body is a road map of blessings, He has healed me so many times I can't count them. The times I have been afraid He's given me comfort thru my friends and I can count you in that blessing. The healing in my family is not just physical but mentally. To tell you about the individually blessings, well neither one of us has the time to list them. I count my self as a very blessed person. My body is now producing insulin and I don’t even have a pancreas!

Charlie was supposed to “die of cancer” over 10 years ago, and God keeps bringing him along. Again, probably more things than we could list, but God has been good to us.

With His Love,


George has got his life back. 4 times now!

Joey is clear of cancer

All of our children have found churches. (Bible preaching churches)

Jacob has a ways to go but is doing so much better with his temper

We are making life friends in the church we are attending.

George just undergone heart surgery and it was cake when you compare it to his health before.

Joey is being able to witness to others with the Storm's from life.

George and Joey

God has been answering prayers for Willy and myself. Sometimes though, I put the rocks on the pile and see how God is working and then wouldn't you know it, I pick them back up again. However, God has been opening doors toward our Cincinnati trip. He has provided for us in some miraculous ways. A friend of ours from out of state, gave us a generous gift toward housing while we are in Cincinnati. This was very unexpected. Praise the Lord. Also the church gave us a gift too which is very much appreciated. We had someone who owed us some money come and pay us, and the Lord has opened up a place for us to stay in Cincinnati and the owners of the place are Christians. God is so good. We still have some hurdles to get over, but I know God can work those out for us. It seems like every thing we have read in our daily devotions has been about faith and trusting the Lord. It has been amazing.

Willy and Roma

I would like to add to the Rock Pile of remembrance though. The Lord has answered so many prayers in regard to those close to me just this year alone it is hard to single out 2 or 3 so I have narrowed it to 4 as it would be difficult to choose among them. The answered prayers that God would have me remember and share with others are the Lord saving my younger sister March 30 after having acute respiratory failure, another is our special grandson's procedure for dislodging a steel ball from the top of his stomach, also our good friend and neighbor received a donor heart June 1st in California and is doing well, and our 28 year old nephew finally went to AA and we have seen progress by the choices he has been making. All praise goes to the Lord and so much more for these and many more.


I guess one for Steve and I could be that at our brother in laws funeral we found out that just a few weeks before he died he had given his life to the Lord, so he was at complete peace when he died, thanks for praying for him!

God is Great!

Steve and Christine

Our mighty God answered our prayers when our son-in-law decided to take a lesser paying job, with the army, in order to be home with our daughter, and family, before his deployment to Iraq in April of 2010. We just give thanks and praise for this precious time. The Father is unwavering in His love of family.1 Cor.13:13

We have received representation in an area of our lives where we have asked for help, and while this is still on-going we have faith that our heavenly Father will bring to light, what is necessary for an end to a means. Mark 11:22

Lastly, God has blessed us with continued jobs in Riches business, during this dire economic down turn.  We have enjoyed continued good health, fellowship with our church family and an ever improving walk with the Lord. His patience far outweighs our gratitude, when we are comfortable in the life we take for granted.

Rich and Clovia

James Mom and Step-Dad are spending more time seeking God and even connecting with a Church body now .Their relationship is getting stronger with each other and Bills health is being restored.

James and Edie

A young boy named “Dakota” from the day care was hit by a car and was expected to die. Many people in the church and community prayed for him and in 3 days he was released with doctors calling him a miracle! He is back to the daycare and doing awesome!

Bethany fought a battle with Cancer for over two years. 7 surgeries, 7 rounds of chemo, 8 months in the hospital, dozens of transfusions, and she has came through Cancer free. That might not sound like a testimony, but God did some miracles in the middle of this process. The tumor which was thought to be destroying the siatic nerve, only effected a very small area of the nerve. The cancer grew inside a “sack” that just peeled back from the nerve as they removed it. Bethany has feeling in her foot, and is able to walk without crutches, canes or braces, and is recovering very well. No new cancer for two years! God is good!

Our Bills came to more then 1.5 million dollars. Through donations, reductions, Samaritan ministries and the blessings of God… those bills are down to 8000 dollars or so. This includes the housing and 20 trips to Denver and back… Somehow in this all God has helped us not “go under” as many people do when fighting this disease this long.

John and Cahterine

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