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Girl Guard
Girl Guard
Single Moms Rock
Silver Crowns
T.N.T - Twenties 'N Thirties
“We are Girl Guard and we’re proud
to love Jesus right out loud!
All our lives for Him we’ll guard
even when the choice is hard.
Girl Guard!  We stand tall!  We give Jesus all our all!”

Girl Guard is our Wednesday night program for girls K-6th grade…with MightyMites for preschoolers and Jr. Staff opportunities for girls 7th grade and up.  Our goal is to give girls, both churched and unchurched, the basics of what it means to be a Christian in their real-life-every-day life.  Girl Guard is divided into three groups or classes:  Pink for girls grades K-2; Purple for girls grades 3-4, and Blue for girls grades 5-6.  All the girls work on the same lesson each week with leaders who tailor the lesson’s content for their particular group and age of girls.  The curriculum is set up in a four-year rotation:  BOOT CAMP, in which the girls learn the basics of Christianity—what it means to be saved, why we go to church, what is worship, what is the Bible, etc;  BASIC TRAINING, in which girls learn the stories and principles of the Old Testament; GETTING TO KNOW MY COMMANDING OFFICER—JESUS, in which the girls learn about Jesus’ life, miracles, parables, and teachings; and FIELD MANNUAL, in which the girls learn the New Testament principles of Christian character, behavior, and commitment.

Along with our weekly meetings, the girls do several activities each year with the Royal Rangers—fossil hunt, campout, swimming & sleepover, and the annual local and state RoyRan Pine Wood Derby races.

By incorporating crafts, activities, times of worship, group prayer, community service endeavors, practical lessons, and lots of love and fun, we hope to show and teach the girls that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a life devoted to His purpose and kingdom is the best and most exciting/fulfilling “life-choice” out there! 

Contact the Church for further information: (406) 628 - 4200

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