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Don't go to sleep
Don't go to sleep
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Don't get your eyes so distracted, your life so busy, your mind so filled with this worlds concerns that your faith goes to sleep. I know many people are so busy that they have set faith aside for their own life's ambitions. I know many Christians have laid down the standards of God's Word to live by the standards of this world... don't do it. You'll gain the whirlwind, the chaos of sin, the wages of death, and the bitterness of false hope. Life will pass you by- never giving you the fullness found in Christ. Your days will soon come to an end, and time will have passed quickly and you will find all you lived for as empty.
If you live for money... you will find it can't buy anything of value.
If you live for family... you will find the family you gave all for, will take all and never look back.
If you live for control... you will have a life without freedom, making your own prison in your heart and mind.
IF you live for status... you will find it vastly over-rated in Hell.
If you live for entertainment... you will live a life filled with the stories of other peoples dreams, and you will never live one of your own.
If you live for pride... you will find only hate and turmoil all of the days of your life.
If you live for politics... you will find our war was never with flesh and blood.... and prayer would be a better weapon.
It's my job before the Lord to speak to your lives as a Pastor. It's my job to show you love, it's my job to teach truth, it's my job to equip you to fulfill the call of God over your life. It's my job to warn you, to caution you, even to correct you at times. I invest my life to further the Gospel in each of you. It's His call in me.
 So I have this great burden for you... don't go to sleep- the hour is late and you may never wake up. Father's rise up and lead your families to worship, lead them to the Word, lead them to life... or they will all perish in the drowning sludge of this world. Stop living for material items, live for Christ, stop putting all of your time and money into things that perish- invest in things that can't be taken away! Mother's rise up and love your children enough to get them to worship and church and instruction... there's no sports in hell anyway. So stop teaching you kids to live for things that will perish! Teens, if your parents are asleep and don't serve the Lord- go to God without them. Don't wait for them and loose what God has created for you. Jesus taught that if you love your Father and Mother more than Me you are not worthy of me. It's your faith, your life, fight for it yourself! Kids don't let the death you are surrounded by in this world steal away the Love God has for you.This world is rotting in darkness, come Worship God. Grandparents, be bold... if you can't save your kids in their slumber and sleep- save your grandchildren! Teach them to Worship! If you don't fight church- you will be swallowed into the slumber and much will be lost, perhaps even everything you thought you loved.
If you live for God... you will find Life abundantly more than you can dream!
If you live in Worship... you will find peace, and joy in all things.
If you live in thanksgiving... you will find you don't have time to thank God for all of His blessings.
If you live for the kingdom... your life will be spent on it, and it will produce fruit!
If you live for serving others in the name of Jesus... you will get a crown of Life.
If you live to Love... everything will be changed by His touch through you.
If you Love Jesus... you will love His people and you will spend time worshiping Him with them.
If you Love yourself... you will not risk an eternity without God.
Don't go to sleep.

In His service,

Pastor John Farnes

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